Corporate Wellbeing – with Inner Strength

Corporate Wellbeing – with Inner Strength

Corporate Wellness is a big thing these days, but what does it mean? Discounted gym memberships? Signs telling your staff to eat fruit? For many people Corporate Wellness can end up an empty gesture or a waste of money. Here at Inner Strength, we’re a little bit different. Here’s what we think:

Meaningful impact

Simply put: a corporate wellbeing program needs to have meaningful impact. Your staff need to get something meaningful out of it – to get fitter, healthier, happier, less stressed. To feel more valued. And you need to get something out of it – staff morale, productivity, lower staff turnover, collaboration and a breakdown in silos. These things aren’t always easy to measure but you know when they’re present and you know when they’re not.

For ALL of your people

Some of your staff may already go to the gym. Some may already eat well. Some care about their wellbeing and do Yoga, meditation or Pilates. The reality is, offering these people a discounted gym membership is of little marginal benefit. What you need for a truly effective program is to hit all of your staff – or as many as possible. Get your gym-goers doing meditation. Get the gym-phobics into a circuit class or Pilates. Get the whole team eating more healthily, or reward them with Reiki, Reflexology or massage. Most importantly, get them all talking. Change their mindset about taking care of themselves – and get them feeling you care about them too.

Holistic wellness (breadth)

We offer a wide range of things: all the way from high intensity exercise like CrossFit and bootcamp to meditation, mindfulness and nutrition. We offer Pilates, corrective exercise, Sport Therapy and Osteopathy. Alternative therapies like Reiki and Reflexology. We teach Self Defence and personal safety. Because of this we can find things that will genuinely interest and inspire your teams and get them engaged in the program – whoever they are. We can also support your charity programs or organise off-sites and team building events.

And Expertise (depth)

Everything we do is delivered by top-quality specialists. Our coaches, instructors and therapists are some of the most qualified in the country – people passionate about what they do, and able to communicate that passion to your team. We only work with the best, and are always adding new expertise to our team to make sure we can offer you the best.

Flexibility and a genuinely tailored solution

We aren’t a big corporation, with a one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing. With our private clients we know that life-changing results come from personal service and that’s what we will offer you. We’ll build a genuinely tailored package that meets your needs, so you’re not wasting money and get meaningful results.

If you’d like to speak to us about Corporate Wellness, get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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