Pilates Group Classes – at Inner Strength

Pilates Group Classes – at Inner Strength

Whether you’re new to Pilates, or have been to classes elsewhere – our studio offers group classes with a difference. Here’s what you can expect, when you come to a class at Inner Strength:

Small class sizes

We love the energy of a group class, but we keep ours small. The maximum number in any group class is 8, which allows us to offer…

Proper coaching, care and attention

Our instructors don’t just read out some moves and expect you to do them. In our classes, you are there to be cared for. Our small class sizes allow us to tailor the movements and adapt them to the individuals in class, so that everyone gets the care and attention – and the results – they deserve. This is also possible because of…

Expert instructors

We are a teacher training centre and teaching quality is at the heart of what we do. Our instructors are all highly trained specialists, and know how to scale, adapt and modify any exercise to your body – whoever you are, and whatever age, fitness or level of ability. This approach also helps create…

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere

We are a studio for real people. Like many Pilates studios, we do work with dancers and athletes, but we also work with everyone else. We work with parents, pre- and postnatal mums, office workers, retired people and anyone else who is looking to feel better, look better or move better.

A pleasant environment

When you come to our classes, we want you to feel like it’s an escape. Our studio isn’t a windowless box, or a drab basement unit. It’s a place you can come to, to switch off, enjoy yourself and come out feeling de-stressed, happy and energised for the rest of your day.

A full body workout

Our classes are all balanced and programmed to give you a full and comprehensive workout. We don’t do gimmicks, or just ‘blast your abs’. Whichever one of our 1hr long classes you come to, you can rest assured that it has been put together to work your body in the most balanced, effective way, meaning better results over the long term.


If you’d like to experience an Inner Strength group class for yourself just click on the link below and book your free trial. Our classes run throughout the week, and our full schedule can be found on the Inner Strength app. If you have any questions just contact us and one of our team will be in touch. What are you waiting for? 🙂

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