Private Pilates – at Inner Strength

Private Pilates – at Inner Strength

Not everyone wants to do group classes, and not everyone should. If you’re considering Private Pilates, then here’s what you need to know:

Adaptations & modifications

In 1on1 sessions, we can tailor, modify and adapt everything to your goals and needs. If you have specific limitations or issues we can work around them, and we can program a session that is dedicated solely to you. What this means is…


Private Pilates is the most surefire way to achieve your goals, whatever they are. As our instructors get to know you and your body, to understand the way you move, they can shift and tweak their programming – pushing you more when you need it, and holding you back when you need it. They can target specific muscles or body areas, or work to avoid areas of strain, injury or restriction.


Private sessions are particularly effective for those with injuries – past or present – or other limitations. We are a Rehab specialist studio, and can work with a wide range of issues, including postnatal, post-injury and post-surgery rehab. Pilates is also highly recommended for those suffering from illnesses such as autoimmune disorders where high-impact exercise is unsuitable.

Caring instructors

In private sessions, you form a bond with your instructor that goes beyond just exercising. Our instructors are there to take care of you, and can change and adapt how they teach you, based on how you are feeling and what is going on in your life. You can feel safe and relaxed knowing you are in good hands. Especially as…

Expert instructors

Our instructors are all trained by us, here in our full-time teacher training centre. We know they understand not just  the full breadth and depth of the Pilates repertoire, but how to teach. They know how to adapt and modify exercises, and how to teach both scaled (easier) and advanced versions of movements. Most importantly, they share our passion for learning, and for helping people.

Full range of equipment

Private sessions at Inner Strength take place in one of our dedicated private studios, which are equipped fully with state of the art rehab equipment. Whatever your needs, we can use Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrels or a range of props to ensure you never get bored, and you get the results you deserve.

Your happy place

Our private studios are not an afterthought – stuck in a windowless store room or basement. They are light, airy, spacious environments where you can breathe and relax. Where you can enjoy your session and escape from your day.

Getting you better

We are not in the business of keeping you on a ‘dripfeed’ of permanent rehab, or treading water with mediocre results so we can sell you more sessions. If we feel that you need it, we can and will refer you on to our in-house sport therapist or osteopath.

Helping you progress

Similarly, if you get the results you want, and are ready to move over to group classes or into a higher-impact form of exercise we will happily help you to do that. Our focus – both in private sessions and in the rest of the studio – is to give you life-changing results, not just keep you hanging around.

If you are looking for these kind of results, or would like to talk to us about a private session with one of our instructors contact us and one of our team will get back to you. We can also arrange duos, trios or private small groups on a case by case basis.

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